Sacred Initiation within the Temples of Egypt

by Patricia Awyan

First published in the April/May edition of Radiant Earth Magazine

People from all over the world are drawn to visit the temples in Egypt and wander through their ancient corridors, envisioning a time when they were shining and new – alive with the daily activities of local inhabitants. The grandeur of the design and craftsmanship displayed by and within these structures, that house a wealth of antiquities spanning thousands of years, is awe-inspiring and overwhelming.

Many accounts are heard from people who claim that their lives were completely transformed following their journey to this ageless land.  And many keep coming back… Could it be because these structures are still pulsing powerful vibrations that have an effect on us—even today?

According to the indigenous tradition, ancient Egyptian temples were designed to operate as interactive bio-organic energy devices that can activate our physical, mental and spiritual bodies as the ancients walked through them.  Khemitologist, Abd’el Hakim Awyan called them Per Ba’s or Houses of the Soul or Spirit, designed to awaken our senses. They were constructed over powerful ley lines, out of a specific combination of stones, utilizing the energetic properties of running water, aligned with specific solar and stellar events, and in sacredly geometric patterns that are mirrored in our natural world, and the cosmos above.

The ancient Egyptians also left us a beautifully patterned map that details the nature of our reality within the multi-layered symbolism of the pantheon of their gods and goddesses. People often ask me if I believe thatthese ancient gods and goddesses once walked the earth. To this I would reply:

                    They are the earth; they are the heavens, the stars, and the very forces of                    nature that collectively make up all that is—including us.


The powers and laws of the universe are symbolized by the gods and goddesses, which we call Neters– who in our three dimensional earth reality manifest as Nature.   The ancient Egyptian glyphsNTR, are written in Roman letters as Ntr, Neter, Netjer, or Netcher.  Our words: nature, eternal, nurture, natal, and natural are derived from these glyphs.

“As above, so Below”

Not only do the cycles and patterns of the stars and planets have an effect on the cycles and patterns of our own lives….but, these same cycles and patterns are reflected in the physical essence of our environment and our own biology. The Neters , along with their myths and legends, offer us a symbolic display of the infinite and mystical coherence of our multi-dimensional reality.

 The ancients had a complete understanding of what our scientists are just now discovering- that our universe is holistically interconnected through resonance occurring within an underlying Unified Field or Quantum Field that connects all matter, energy and information in the cosmos. Despite its solid appearance, the universe is a massive, intricately detailed, multi-dimensional super-hologram. What can seem like a unique and separate fragment to our limited three dimensional minds can be an entire universe inside a universe, connected to a holographic ecosystem that is interwoven into an eternally vibrating energetic field.  Individuated expressions are a reflection of the whole- down to our very cells and beyond.


 Pedjeshes or Stretching the Cord

The Neter, Seshat isthesacred geometry that shapes our universe. Seshat represents mathematics, astronomy and the energetic architecture of all life forms. Everything in our reality is expressed in form, and these shapes emanate from waveforms or frequencies that pulse to a rhythm displayed in amazing harmonic patterns and cycles. Matter (a root word for mother) consists of patterns (root word for father) of polarized pulsing frequency. Form comes first—then the mathematics that we use to define it.  Life expresses itself in sacred geometric forms. When we are “in tune” with our environment and find moments of inner peace or resonance—we can also create magnificent works of art that will naturally beat to the sacred geometric song of the universe.

It is entirely possible that the sacred geometry and mystical symbols that show up in some of the world’s greatest works of art, architecture and music, etc.—occur because the creators or artists are naturally channeling the energetic patterns of the universe that exists within all life forms.

The legends and depictions of the “stretching of the cord” ceremony represent how the temples were patterned after the universe.  Stretching the cord referred to the architectural planning process that emulated these universal patterns in a microcosmic structure. Seshat holds the cord which is used to outline the temple. All natural forces must be harmonized within the energetic architecture of the structure so it can perform its interactive function.


The design sometimes becomes quite complex and reflects the cosmos above in amazingly intricate and multi-level and dimensional patterns that interact with our own bio-energetic architecture as we circumnavigate the pathways through them. They used the familiar organic growth patterns of the natural world, such as the Fibonacci Spiral, to express the growth patterning of the temple itself. The floor level of the temples continually rise as you walk through them until you reach the most sacred space, the Holy of Holies, emulating the seed of consciousness or pineal gland itself.  This is the most sacred and powerful chamber in each of the temples, each one tuned to a unique frequency that can be activated to awaken or enhance sensibilities.

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz studied the art and architecture of the Temple of Luxor for 12 years and exemplifies the patterning of the human body within this ancient temple in his enlightening book, The Temple in Man. As we walk through these structures today, we can’t help but be affected by the powerful forces of nature that are woven within their framework.

Not only is the outer structure interacting with our own, but the symbolism that cloaks the walls and ceilings of these temples speaks to us on energetic levels as well. Information can be stored and passed down through generations in our DNA -and can be activated spontaneously. The ancient symbolism can be interpreted and felt on many different levels as well, often based on our own library of knowledge and wisdom achieved within.

Ma’at and Harmonic Resonant Tone or Frequency

                                       “If you want to find the secrets of the universe,                                          think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”-Nikola Tesla

As energetic beings, our physicality responds to changes in magnetics, sound and light frequencies. If the two hemispheres of our brain were to be synchronized with each other they would operate harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information. Frequency itself may be the key to the full and independent activation potential of our brain. The Neter, Ma’at represents the complete harmony and balance of universal energies and principles- and therefore, perfect health within and without.  We are out of Ma’at when we are not resonating with our natural environment, therefore creating dis-ease.


Many of the spaces within these ancient structures functioned as tuned resonance chambers. They incorporated the use of crystalline igneous rocks as well as running water to enhance the resonance potential of the electromagnetic energy fields that could be created. These ancient tuned chambers generated a higher frequency, and those inside would undergo transformations as their cellular structure underwent a resonant matching process.  Today we utilize resonant tone to activate the frequencies within these powerful chambers and witness and experience many spontaneous healings and enhanced states of well-being as a result.


Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, helps to explain how resonant sound can affect the human body. Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into pulsing, flowing shapes, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. The results displayed physical representations of how vibration or sound manifests into form.  As our bodies consist of about 60-70% water, these shapes would be forming within our very own bodies.  Link this with the work of Dr. Massimo Emoto, who shows us how intention and emotion can create similar patterning in water, and we can easily see how harmonic tone and frequency, coupled with heartfelt intention, can be utilized for healing, enhanced vitality and more.

Sacred Initiation

Sacred Initiationoccurs when we discover ourselves as we experience the universal reality that surrounds us.

Initiation into higher levels of awareness and consciousness does NOT require a guru,             ceremonialist, high priest/priestess or self-proclaimed mystic to guide you,                             or by participating in rituals created with someone else’s agenda.

 Sacred Initiation occurs when we go within to experience the reflection of our outer world that lies within ourselves and synergize these patterns and cycles of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies with the universal matrix, collective consciousness and universal divine spirit of all that is. 

Sacred Initiation occurs when we find a harmonious resonance with our natural environment, recognizing that we all beat to the tune of the universe, each uniquely, and yet collectively creating its marvelous and infinite song.

      The ancient temples in Egypt enhance and accelerate this process by design.  

          Pilgrimage to the ancient sites was not originally intended to be about the worship or             reverence of gods, but rather to heal, rejuvenate and enrich the body, mind and spirit.

            Today many are called to come to Egypt and undergo life changing transformations.              The sites are undeniably still active and alive!