Stephen & Hakim,                                      Cairo Museum

When he was first born he was given the same title as his father: Amenhotep.  Amen being one of the main Neters—the fifth stage of the Sun—was known as “The Hidden” and was the main Neter—the “State God”—in this time period, ca. 1350 BCE.  Amenhotep has been translated many ways; “Amen is Pleased,” “Amen is Satisfied,” “Amen is Completed,” or “The Sacrifice to Amen.”  But at a young age, this man rebelled against what he perceived to be a corrupt priesthood and bloated religion of Amen, and changed his title to “Akhenaten”—which has also been translated many ways: “The Child of the Aten,” “The Spirit of The Aten,” “The Son of the Sun,” or –according to Abd’El Hakim Awyan, the founder of Khemitology—“The Shadow of The Wiser.”




More has been written about this individual in the last 150 years than any other person in ancient Egyptian history.  So much that has been written about him has become pure myth and devoid of historical reality—and much can be classified as “mystery” with no apparent actual answers.  Did he invent the Aten “religion?”  Did he “invent” Monotheism—the belief in a sole God?  Was he an alien from Sirius?  Was he human?  Did he and Nefertiti and their children have elongated skulls?  Many books and articles have been written in the last thirty years addressing these questions but few have provided any serious scientific evidence to fully support any of these contentions.

I have studied and researched the life and times of Akhenaten for over 46 years and addressed these questions myself in several chapters I wrote about him.  I also discussed his possible connections to Judaism, the Rosicrucian Order, and all modern metaphysical traditions in my second book, From Light into Darkness: The Evolution of Religion In Ancient Egypt (Adventures Unlimited Press) published in 2005.  Hakim and I spent many hours in detailed discussion about Akhenaten and his times, and influences—and much of Hakim’s wisdom and traditions on the subject were included in the book.  Akhenaten is both venerated in the Rosicrucian tradition and by the oral wisdom keepers of Egypt that Hakim was a major proponent of.

The Khemit School Of Ancient Mysticism—founded by Yousef and Patricia Awyan—is hosting a tour in March 2015 that will take guests to the ruins of the city of Akhetaten—the city that Akhenaten built ca. 1340 BCE.  These sites today are known as Tell el Amarna, Tunal el Gebel and Ashmonein.  We will have many discussions—both onsite and in group meetings—of all the myths and mysteries surrounding Akhenaten and his times.

Stephen S. Mehler, M.A.   November 2014       


Stephen Mehler’s fascination with ancient Egypt, which began at the age of eight, has guided his education and spiritual work all his life.  Mehler holds three degrees in the sciences and is a trained field archaeologist and prehistorian.  Mehler also served as a Staff research scientist for the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, in San Jose, California from 1978-1980.

For almost 16 years, 1992-2008 , Mehler was a student, disciple, and close friend of Egyptian-born Egyptologist and indigenous wisdom keeper, Abd’El Hakim Awyan (1926-2008), popularly known as Hakim.  Stephen has written two books, The Land of Osiris (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001) and From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution Of Religion In Ancient Egypt (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2005), based on his work and collaboration with Hakim and Stephen’s over 40 years of research in the area.  Stephen is currently Director of Research of his own Land Of Osiris Research Project. He also leads tours to Egypt and is working on a third book based on his work with Hakim.

Mehler has researched the phenomenon of crystal skulls since 1979, especially those known as ancient crystal skulls.  Stephen was able to work with Dr. Marcel Vogel and F.R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino and has written a book on the subject with David Hatcher Childress, The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals To Man’s Past (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008).


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