Egypt! Khemit School Budget Tour!

Egypt!   Khemit School Budget Tour!

December 13th – 22nd, 2016

Featuring Khemit Team Speakers Yousef & Patricia Awyan and Mohamed Ibrahim


Day 01   Tuesday, December 13th        Arrival and Welcome Dinnermovenpick-media-cityA transfer representative will meet you at the airport to assist you with entry formalities, and escort you to the luxurious 5-Star Movenpick Media City Hotel.

At 6:00 PM we will have a meeting for introductions, followed by a Welcome Dinner together. Overnight Movenpick Media City (D)

Day 02   Wednesday, December 14th      Giza Pyramids and Valley Temple next to the SphinxGiza-PlateauAfter an early buffet breakfast, our motor coach will bring you to the world famous Giza Plateau. After exploring the area around Pyramids, we will enter the Great Pyramid, and then we will drive to higher spot with a beautiful panoramic view of the Pyramids. Here you will have the option of riding a camel (or riding in our motor coach) to explore Valley Temple next to the Sphinx. Lunch and Afterwards we’ll visit the world famous Egyptian Museum where you will see many amazing artifacts collected from sites all over Egypt, including the gold sarcophagus & jewelry on display at the King Tut Exhibit. Overnight Movenpick Media City (B.L)

 Day 03     Thursday, December 15th      Seti and Osirieon Temples at AbydosAbydos-pageFly to Sohag, after we arrive, we will drive by motor coach to the ancient pilgrimage site of Abydos to visit the Temple of Osiris and the very ancient Osirieon Temple. At the Seti I Temple, dedicated to Osiris, we will discuss the symbolism as we view the masterful craftsmanship of the beautiful depictions that cover the walls. Behind this Temple lies the megalithic Osirieon, At the Seti I Temple, dedicated to Osiris, we will discuss the symbolism as we view the masterful craftsmanship of the beautiful depictions that cover the walls. Behind this Temple lies the megalithic Osirieon, similar to the Valley Temple in Giza, that the indigenous tell us is 35,000-50,000 years old or more. It is here that several depictions of the Flower of Life can been seen on the huge pillars. Local villagers claim that the water that accumulates in this structure has valuable healing properties. Overnight House of Life Hotel – Abydos (B.L.D)House of Life PageDay 04    Friday, December 16th        Temple of Hathor at Denderadendera-hathor After breakfast we drive to Dendera to visit the incredible Temple of Hathor. Star maps depicted on the ceilings in this temple, and the replica of famous Dendera Zodiac (the original is displayed at the Louvre in Paris) point to the ancient origins of astrology and superior knowledge of our cosmos. Hathor (Het-Hert), the Netert who personified motherhood, beauty, sexuality, love, joy, harmony, dance and music was often associated with the planet, Venus. She was known as the Lady of the Stars, and represented the nurturing solar food of the Sun’s rays, required for birth, growth and renewal. Overnight Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort – Luxor (B.L.D)Maritim-Jolie-Ville-1Day 05  Saturday, December 17th      Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut’s Temple and Colossi of MemnonWest-BankAfter breakfast we will embark on our exploration of the sites on the West Bank including Valley of the  Kings, Hatshepsut’s Temple, and the Colossi of Memnon. First we visit Valley of the Kings where we will view some of the ancient tombs filled with beautifully symbolic artwork.

Next we’re off to the mystical Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, a beautiful work of architecture, by Senemut, believed by some to have been her lover. Hatshepsut’s Temple is nestled in the valley basin of Deir el-Bahari, surrounded by steep and enigmatic cliffs. After a relaxing lunch and a stop at the Colossi of Memnon we’ll drive to the Nile Cruise, we will have lunch and relax then we will have time for shopping before our evening visit to the Luxor Temple.                 Overnight 5 Star M/S Blue Shadow Nile Cruise (B.L.D)

Day 06   Sunday,  December 18th   Karnak Temple and Nile CruiseKarnakOne can never have enough time to fully explore all the riches of Karnak Temple, where we will spend the entire morning after an early breakfast. An avenue of ram-headed sphinxes leads us into the gigantic complex, which includes temples dedicated to Amun, a Neter representing an aspect or stage of the Sun, and Khonsu, who represents the Moon. We will visit the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet, the Netert who represents the potent and purifying energies of the sun. Sekhmet personifies the solar rays that provide the electromagnetic energy required to sustain life and the earth’s grid. As the lioness, she symbolizes the powerful and fierce, yet protective love, akin to that of any mother. Sekhem , means “power” and Sekhmet is the electrical spark that provides the necessary energy to perform what we have been told are mystical, magical and powerful feats, including the healing of the physical body. She is the Life Force. Be prepared to experience a morning you will never forget! The powerful sacred geometric design and natural elements of the architecture itself has the ability to transform and raise levels of awareness and consciousness as you walk through this and many other temples.

Blue Shadow

Shortly after returning to our ship, we’ll have lunch and set sail on our spectacular Cruise on the Nile. Enjoy viewing the lush countryside and life along the river’s banks, much of which appears as it did thousands of years ago! Overnight 5 Star M/S Blue Shadow  Nile Cruise (B.L.D)

 Day 07  Monday, December 19th  Nile Cruise and Temples of Sobek & Horus at Kom OmboKom Ombo Page

After an afternoon of sailing we will stop at Kom Ombo, where we’ll visit the twin temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter, Sobek and Horus, the Elder. We will discuss the aspects of nature and our cosmos represented by the Neteru and how they relate to awakening our senses and raising our levels of awareness. We will speak of the powerful initiations that were once practiced here, and how we can tap into the profound and self-empowering lessons experienced here by the ancients. You will also have the opportunity to view depictions of various medical instruments and alchemical healing practices. Overnight 5 Star M/S Blue Shadow Nile Cruise (B.L.D)

Day 08    Tuesday, December 20th   Unfinished Obelisk and Temple of Isis



We will take a motorboat to the enchanting Island of Philae, and the powerful Temple of Auset (Isis). Auset is associated with the ancients’ most highly revered star, Sirius. The annual rising of Sirius was synonymous with the flooding of the River Nile, which left huge deposits of silt, the very valuable black earth or “KMT”  (Khemit) for which Egypt was named.

She is usually depicted wearing the throne, or “seat of power”, reflecting the matriarchal nature of the very ancient civilization. After sharing some of the highlights of this site together, you will have time to explore its captivating wonders on your own.Aswan-Quarry

Afterwards, we will explore the famous Aswan quarry that is home to the 1,200 ton Unfinished Obelisk, that only a handful of cranes worldwide could lift today, and other significant evidence of higher technologies used by the ancient Khemitians. Overnight 5 Star M/S Blue Shadow Nile Cruise (B.L.D)

Day 09    Wednesday, December 21st  Flight to Cairo, Step Pyramid, Unas Pyramid Entry and Serapeum at SaqqaraSaqqara 9

After breakfast we fly to Cairo, after we arrive we will drive to the ancient site of Sakkara where we will visit the new open pyramid Unas Pyramid, which has the early writings of the Pyramid’s texts. We’ll stop for a quick lunch and continue the afternoon at Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramid attributed to King Djoser.

We will experience the still active healing energies of the ancient “Hospital” at Saqqara and discuss the many references to the importance of balancing the polarized energies within and without.


The Serapeum A highlight of our day will be a visit to the newly opened Serapeum, a huge subterranean complex. A long hallway that runs in east/west directions is flanked by chambers that house gigantic, highly crystalline stone boxes. Many believe that Bulls associated with the Apis Bull cult were buried in them.

However–no bulls or human bodies were found in any of these huge boxes —that were made with an extremely advanced technology. When excavated in 1852, all twenty-four boxes, weighing 60-80 tons, had been plundered. Their lids had been pried loose and the contents taken. Our collective research shows that these boxes are far more ancient than the writings found on and around them, and were an integral part of a huge energy device. We’ll have our Farewell Dinner and return to our Hotel. Overnight, Movenpick Media City (B,D)

Day 10  Thursday, December 22nd  Transfer to Cairo Airport for Flight Home.
Departure  (B)


Price per Person, Double Occupancy: $2,850.00 USD (Land Only)

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Optional Single Room Supplement: $500.00    NOTE:  This is the additional amount you will pay if you choose to have your own private room throughout the journey.

ROOMMATES: If you’re not traveling with anyone you know, we would be happy to assist pairing you with a fellow traveler.
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3 nights at Movenpick Media City Resort (B & B)

2 nights at Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island in Luxor (B & B)

4 nights on the 5 Star M/S Blue Shadow Cruise Ship (Full Board- B,L,D)

Domestic flights (CAI/SOHAG-ASW/CAI)

– Entry tickets to the mentioned sites

– All transportation to the sites mentioned in the itinerary

2 bottles of water daily (in Cairo only)

English speaking Tour Guide and Khemit School Speaker, Mohamed Ibrahim

  • Yousef & Patricia Awyan as your Khemit School Speakers

– Welcome dinner & farewell dinner

4 Lunches during the tour

– Meet & assist in the airport

– Tipping for drivers, porters, hotels & restaurants



– Entry Visa to Egypt ($25.00 USD)

– Beverages & drinks

– Insurance

– Laundry

– Any service or site not mentioned in the itinerary



All travelers need a passport valid for at least six months after the date of entering the country.  Holders of American Passports will be provided with the requisite visas to visit Egypt upon arrival.


Generally between North America and Egyptian destinations, each passenger is allowed up to two pieces of checked baggage. Please check with your airline for specifics on the size and weight of your allowed baggage.


 Reservation and Cancellation Policies

 Reservation and Payment

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 Cancellation and Refunds
Due to high preparation costs, cancellations must be received in writing within 45 days of travel date. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to departure will have a penalty of $500 per person; those received between 30 and 25 days will have a penalty of 50% per person; those received between 25 and 20 days will have a penalty of 75% per person. Cancellations received 20 days or less before departure will receive no refund. No refund will be made for transfers, city tours or any other services (including meals, accommodations or transportation) voluntarily not taken.
This itinerary is subject to changes in sequence in order to adapt to possible alterations in domestic flight times or other unforeseen circumstances. The content will remain the same, barring any unanticipated complications, and will include many delightful “extras” and surprises.
We recommend that all participants obtain Travel Insurance. Travel Insured International offers insurance for trip cost, trip cancellation & interruption, and pays for loss due to unforeseen circumstance, death, injury, or illness to you or a member of your family. It also includes coverage for missed connections due to weather, pays for lost deposits due to the financial default of the airline, the tour operator, or cruise line. It pays for baggage delays, travel delays, medical expenses, and emergency assistance.
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