Egyptian Hieroglyphs written during Ancient times–in Australia? Absolutely!

The Khemit School Team has visited, documented and completed an in depth study of the now famous “Gosford Glyphs” located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia

Last February, Beatrice Awyan and I embarked on a journey of discovery to both New Zealand and Australia as I was invited to present a series of lectures in Auckland, NZ and Melbourne, AU.    After we announced our journey, we were delighted to receive invitations from Sonya van Gelder and Steve & Evan Strong, to visit the Gosford Glyph site with them to view what many believe to be very ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs carved on 2 very large sandstone rocks in a remote area in the forest.

Reports of these enigmatic glyphs date back to the early 1900’s, and there has been much controversy about whether they were placed there as a hoax,—or that they were in fact, carved by one or more Egyptians in ancient times.

My husband, Yousef and Mohamed Ibrahim were so excited by the prospect of our visit, that they began to study the pictures of the Glyphs (that had been sent to us by Sonya at an earlier date) in order to create a video of their findings—so that Beatrice and I would have something to offer as a gift, in return for this generous invitation.

It was not long before they were both bustling with enthusiasm over what they were discovering!  Not only did they believe that they were authentic….but, they could begin to understand the story that the glyphs were telling us.  We all knew that a much more thorough and in-depth examination would be necessary- but, we went ahead and filmed a short video of their findings to present to our hosts.

After spending many wonderful moments with both old and new friends in New Zealand and Melbourne, as well as being introduced to much evidence that points toward the possibility of a very ancient connection of Egypt with both New Zealand and Australia—we were ready to explore the site at Gosford.

Beatrice and I were honored to learn that we would be meeting respected Original Elder and custodian of the women’s’ lore of the area, Auntie Beve.  (I am sad to report that Auntie Beve passed shortly after we left, in April.  Her vibrant spirit touched me deeply, and I know that memories of her inspiring legacy of service and achievements will live on in the hearts of many.)

We were also honored to be accompanied by Stella Wheildon, who has been entrusted with the gift of the wisdom of the Ngarakwal traditional lore, given to her by Mrs Marlene Boyd,  a direct ‘bloodline to country’ descendant of the Seven Sisters Starlore – the ancient matrilineal culture of traditions, lore and customs of the Bird Tribes of Australia.

Although Steve Strong was unable to join us, we were happy to meet Evan and have him share some of the work that he and his father had been doing for many years.   In fact, we were grateful to be introduced to many fascinating people that day,  all coming together in the interest  of protecting this site—and honoring its historical and multi-level significance.



As we were led down the path through the forested area,  we soon discovered that there was much more to this site than a few rocks with Egyptian hieroglyphs on them.  They are encased in a natural paradise, known to be a sacred area, as a meeting place (in separate locations) for both men and women.  I was especially enchanted by the Grandmother Tree, a huge leaning angophora tree which has stood tall for hundreds of years, just a few steps from the sandstone rocks blanketed with ancient inscriptions.

As I came around the corner to view the carved script for the first time, I was surprised at my own reaction.  They seemed to be alive, and to speak to me from the distant past.  I could almost feel the energy of the writers – and based on what I already knew of story they were telling, began to understand their plight.

The sandstone rocks were huge, creating a tall corridor that we were told, once had a roof covering it.  We were guided around the surrounding area and saw many more items of interest, including a shaft that seemed to go deeply inside an area underneath one of the sandstone boulders, as well as more hieroglyphic inscriptions!


Beatrice and I were blessed to have experienced many powerful moments that afternoon, as we explored the sacred area before gathering again that evening where we were able to present our film of Yousef and Mohamed’s quick interpretation of the Glyphs.

We were elated to witness Auntie Beve’s reaction, who told us that the interpretation Mohamed and Yousef shared, matched the information handed down to her by the ancestors.   She spoke to us of how hard she was working to save this and other sacred areas of Australia’s Original people–from destruction, vandalism or sale by the government.

We made a promise to her that we would return to Egypt, with all the photographs and video taken by Beatrice at the site, to give to Yousef and Mohamed so they could begin a thorough examination, in order to present a much more convincing presentation that we would give to her to help her and others in their efforts to maintain the integrity of the site and its significance to the Original people of Australia.

And so….

The Khemit School dedicates this video presentation, produced by Sadat and Beatrice Awyan–to Auntie Beve and all of the Original People of Australia.

Gosford Glyphs in Three Parts

Part I

We introduce you to The Gosford Glyphs found in Kariong, New South Wales and we address the question of whether ancient Egyptians had the capability of traveling to Australia.


 Part II

We speak about the authenticity of the Glyphs and how we deciphered them utilizing well known Hieroglyphics texts and other resources.

 Part III

We discuss who wrote these ancient symbols and the message they were delivering on the sandstone blocks, pointing to a possible long term connection between these two ancient civilizations.


Mohamed Ibrahim


Khemitologist, Speaker, Hieroglyphics Expert, and Licensed Tour Guide

 Mohamed Ibrahim, inspired by passionate desire to share his wisdom, offers a wide spectrum of  knowledge regarding the history, arts, literature, and culture of the ancient Egyptians.

Mohamed was born in Memphis, Egypt and studied (Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Islamic) Art and history at Helwan University in Cairo. He has been working as a Tour Guide and a Teacher of Hieroglyphics since 2000.  Mohamed studied Hieroglyphics under the tutelage  of  Professor Abdel Halim Nour Ed-Dien

Mohamed’s comprehensive knowledge of Ancient Egypt, along with his background in comparative religions and spiritual studies has enabled him to fill lecture halls and conduct a variety of successful tours over the years. When he is not on tour, Mohamed frequently lectures on Egyptian mythology ‐ its spiritual aspects in Egyptian art, and the Ancient Egyptian concept of Gods and Goddesses.

 Yousef Abd’el Hakim AwyanYousef-Abu-Ghurob

Co-Director of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism

Khemitologist, Speaker, Explorer, Stone Mason, Artist, and Musician

Yousef Awyan was born, raised and still resides at his family’s home in Nazlet el Saman, which lies just a few meters from the Sphinx Entrance to the Giza Plateau. Yousef grew up listening avidly to his father, world renowned Indigenous Wisdom Keeper and Egyptologist,  Abd’El Hakim Awyan (1926-2008), talk about the secrets and mysteries of ancient Khemit (Egypt). Sharing his passion, he honors his father’s memory by carrying on the tradition of sharing the secrets of this very sacred indigenous wisdom. He is devoted to revealing, researching and teaching the amazing truths of Egypt’s and our collective heritage.

Yousef has been studying ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs or the “Sufi Language”, as Hakim called it, for most of his life. Yousef reads and interprets the glyphs, symbols and images found in Egypt, from the indigenous understanding as well as from what he has learned through his study of hieroglyphics texts.

5 thoughts on “Egyptian Hieroglyphs written during Ancient times–in Australia? Absolutely!

  1. Betelgeuse

    Yousef & Mohamed,
    What a great analysis of the Gosford glyphs and to see confirmed that they are the real thing.
    Looking very much forward to your follow-up video and further research.
    What I actually found the most interesting part? When you showed the old world map in the third video.
    Had never seen that before.
    Once again confirms how the world’s continents were known in ancient times.
    How likely would it be that Piri Reiss based his maps on old Egyptian maps… ? Very.

    Greetings from New Zealand and all things going well, may see you again next year on the Techno Spiritual Tour.


    1. Patricia Awyan Post author

      Mohamed Ibrahim is working on this. I hope to write another blog shortly that will include more information about the translation.

  2. OzGolfer1

    Very interesting guys. At the end of the video you show us an Ancient Map – If you take the island with the man holding a stick & rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise it looks rather similar in shape to Australia. My guess is that the size tells us not that it is a small island – it tells us that it is a great distance. I live in Sydney, so I’ll have to go & have a look next time I’m heading up north. Cheers for the videos – love your work with Brien. Hope to come & see the Great Pyramid/Power Station in the next few years. Regards – Marty.

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