Abd’el Hakim Awyan 



Born and raised in the small village of Nazlet El Saman at the very edge of the Giza Plateau, with its Pyramids and Sphinx, Abd’el Hakim Awyan developed an interest in the true origins of the many monuments and artifacts of ancient Egypt from a very young age. His keen insight guided him to see a totally different view of Egypt’s past than what has been written by traditional historians.  Hakim, whose name means “the wise one” or “wise healer”, quickly felt a deep connection to the information as he learned and discovered it.

Driven by a need to know more, he embarked on a lifelong study of the full scope, and possible impact that this information might have on our world. He utilized the knowledge gained from acquiring degrees in both archeology and Egyptology throughout his 50 years of fieldwork, traveling throughout Egypt, researching and studying at the many sacred sites.


He believed that a new age was dawning, and as other contemporary Indigenous Wisdom Keepers worldwide, the time had come to share this sacred and carefully guarded information with us all!    He was widely sought after to lead many spiritual groups during his more than 30 years working as a tour guide.  Those who were fortunate enough to travel with him were introduced to an entirely different story of Egypt’s amazing and powerful past then they had read in their text books.


Combining his education, field experience, and inner guidance, Hakim was able to reveal that the ancient Egyptians, or Khemetians, as he called them, were far more technologically and spiritually advanced than “his-tory” has given them credit forAs such, he and his adopted son and longtime student, Stephen Mehler developed the field of Khemitology. For years, people from all walks of life and fields of expertise, came to Egypt to learn from, research and collaborate with Hakim, and he soon became renowned worldwide.


Hakim was invited to be an ambassador of peace, and lectured and shared his wisdom at many venues in many different countries all over the world before he passed from this life, or wested, as he would have said, in August of 2008.

Hakim started an information revolution that continues today. His life’s work has been featured in Film Documentaries, such as The Pyramid Code  produced by Dr. Carmen Boulter, and in many publications and books. He worked very closely with Stephen Mehler in the writing of the popular books: The Land of Osiris and From Light into Darkness.

The Khemit School Team is honored to be sharing the legacy of Hakim’s work and to be continuing the research and fieldwork as we carry this message into the future.