Lead into Gold….an Alchemical Portal by Patricia Awyan


There is a timely message within the symbolism of the Winged Lion…regardless of who created the Figsbury Ring Crop Circle at Firsdown, Wiltshire, first reported on July 22, 2016.

winged lion 1


Some see a bat…..however, I see a Winged Lion, which is a symbol of Mark, the Evangelist and represents the Age of Leo….or the alchemical Gold in the metaphor that illustrates the cycling of consciousness through the ages.


The Four Evangelists, Luke, Mark, John, and Matthew, also known as the tetramorph or the Four Faces of God, metaphorically represent the constellations of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius that occupy and define the sectors of the sky that the sun would cross on the vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, and winter solstice- from a Northern Hemisphere perspective.

In our fractal Hologram or perception of this reality, they represent the complete cycle of the year as well as the Great Year in the Precession of Ages, the four quarters of the earth,  the four elements and the four seasons that form the ‘portals’ in our eternal cycling, circling or spiraling of time through space.


This paradigm is illustrated in the biblical story of Ezekiel’s Wheels as well as in symbolic imagery throughout the ancient world and represents the expression of the breath of life from the heart, source or point of singularity, into the four quarters of the earth that provide dimension and the awareness of time and space in a physical, three dimensional reality.

These icons expressed themselves in the symbolism of ancient cultures worldwide, long before the development of Christianity.

 At Kom Ombo, in Egypt, where the Ptolemaic temples dedicated to both Sobek and Horus are located, you can find the image below. Only the symbolism reflecting Aquarius is missing due to damage. The  Winged Ma’at that sits atop a shrine in the center, represents perfect balance which is achieved through the resonance of polarity, as signified by this  shrine flanked by ‘ears’ ( where we get the popular phrase: ‘the walls have ears’). The two eyes of Horus, symbolizing the Sun and Moon, shown at the very top between the ‘all seeing eye of RA’ and the Solar Lion, are united when we reach this state of Gnosis…or knowing.

four faces of god

The Bull (Luke), represents Earth and the Age of Taurus, when we Fall into Matter, or are held hostage in physical form; the Water Bearer (Matthew) of Aquarius is Air and symbolizes when we become masters of the mysteries of water…or the flow of magnetic waveform; the Eagle (John) of the Age of Scorpio, is Water and signifies when we earn our wings at the ‘New Dawn’ (also symbolized by the winged scarab), when the sun/son rises on the HORizon as the metaphorical HORus rising; and the Lion (Mark) of the Age of Leo ruled by the Fiery Sun, marks our GOLDen Age when consciousness reaches its peak and when we gain the opportunity to become Etheric Shape-shifters (the fifth element),  no longer held hostage by physical containers.

It is no mistake that most of the world’s religions date the beginning of civilization to around 6,000 years ago, when we entered the Age of Taurus and dipped into the Night Cycle of consciousness.

We are metaphorically planted in the dark earth, and as the scarab beetle places its eggs in the dung ball during this stage, we begin as ‘seeds of consciousness’ and embark on the Hero’s Journey defined by the myths of Osiris, and illustrated in the Tarot, which had its roots in ancient Egypt.


From “The Spiral Progress of the Mundane Spirit” from  Kircher’s Œdipus Ægyptiacus:

“The priests of Egypt used the scarab beetle, or Kheper as a symbol of regeneration as its patterns mirrored the secret process whereby base metals could be transmuted into gold. They saw in the egg of the scarab the seed of the metals, and the figure below shows the path of this seed through the various planetary bodies until it reaches the center, where it is perfected and returns to its source.”


After the scarab has wound its way around the spiral to the center of the lower part of the figure, it returns to the upper world and gains it wings at the dawn of a new Day Cycle…along the path bearing the words: “Return of the Spirit to the Center of Unity. “


But, do we need to wait for this linear time representation to play itself out for this alchemy to take place, for the ascended Osiris to rise as his Son/Sun, Horus, on the Horizon in the Age of Scorpio (estimated to be between 8600 to 10,800 CE)– to earn our wings?

Of course not. Individually, we have an opportunity to break the patterns of our own cycles within every breath.

Taurus & Scorpio guard the east/west Silver Gates of Men that lie on the Horizon of Polarity and Aquarius & Leo can unlock the north/south Golden Gates of God or portals that open to the heart, or heaven.


We are currently entering a pivotal moment in our perceived reality when a portal to the Age of Leo is opening and we may only need to flip our magnetic perspective and look to the south to find our treasure.   South is Up according to the ancient Egyptians.   We find the gold, Neb, or Nub, meaning ‘the precious’, or gold itself, in Nubia in Upper Egypt.  This is also where we find the Temple of Isis, the female Neter known to have MAGic powers (the ability to sense and harness MAGnetic current) and who wears the throne as her crown…or ‘seat of power’.

south is up

However, if our focus was flipped to a Southern Hemisphere perspective (South Pole), we would be experiencing the onset of the Age of Leo.

The Northern Hemisphere magnetic field spins counter clockwise and is a masculine perspective typified by the warrior archetype, defined by its agendas to divide and conquer….and suppress the wisdom of the divine feminine. We become obsessed with physical pleasures and lose touch with our hearts, our source within.


Southern Hemisphere magnetic fields spin clockwise and represent the feminine wisdom of the divine mother.  The strongest force on earth is the protective love of the mother….expressed within our earth as the magnetic song or ley lines that move from east to west….the FE-lines, symbolized by Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Leopards and other cats in ancient symbolism worldwide. 

When we are in balance…we are in a-LION-ment with these powerful lines/lions of fertility.  This requires a reverence for the qualities of this divine feminine energy that exists within every one of us…exemplified as the powerful and protective, nurturing and healing love of the mother.

We literally have the opportunity to go for the gold if we embody these qualities, and begin to resolve our polarity within.

The Egyptian Neter, Sekhmet, has the head of a lion and the body of a human and represents the fierce rays of the sun that spark destruction on earth…making way for renewal and great healing. (Have you ever witnessed a mother cat of any species fiercely defend her offspring?) Her rage destroys the old cycle of patriarchal patterns that create chaos and disharmony…making way for the new.

“I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as “the transition” bringing us to a new state-of-being”.  ~ Mitch Battros of Earthchanges Media

 Sekhem is power or life force energy and Sekhmet is the vital magnetic spark that provides the  necessary energy to perform what we have been told are  mystical, magical and powerful feats,  including the spontaneous healing of the physical body!  Notice the Lotus (the spark that ignites the Sine wave, or cosmic serpent of magnetic flow into life) within the Glyph shown in the third image from the left below?


Sekhmet carries this Sekhem life force scepter and her image represents this moment in time….in my opinion. The human body is that of the water bearer, Aquarius….the master of the mysteries of the flow of water….magnetic waveform….representing a time when humanity begins to sense and understand the powerful potentials of electro-magnetic energy flows…the life force of the matrix of matter that contains and shields us as the Veil or Wings of Isis.


We have hit the Nadir of the Circle…or Cycle as we enter the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, the planet that also rules the metal, Lead— at the feet of Sekhmet. We now have the opportunity to stand in her ‘shoes’…so to speak, and raise our heads up, uniting our hearts (unseen world) and minds (seen world)…to become Golden Lions.

 Does this come with a Global CATastrophe?        Will our Magnetic Poles flip?  

Only time will tell…..


 From Manley P. Hall:    The Lion’s Paw in the Pyramid Mysteries


“The Visible connection between the constellation Leo and the return of the sun to his place of power and glory… At the summit of the Royal Arch of heaven… Was the principle reason why that constellation was held in such high esteem and reverence by the ancients… The astrologers distinguished Leo as the ‘sole house of the sun’… And taught that the world was created when the sun was in that sign… When the Aquarian Age is thoroughly established (which we are in now)… The sun will be in Leo…. Then indeed will the secret religions of the world include once more the raising to initiation by the Grip of the Lions Paw.”   



Maybe it’s time to Rise and find out…..