Scotland Wisdom Journey August 2017

              Magnetic, Mystical, Enigmatic Scotland!                  Experience the Magic Tour

 July 30th – August 8th, 2017

& Optional Orkney Island and Dunrobin Castle Extension

August 8th -13th, 2017

Where the magic happens…

Sacred sites are like tuning forks enabling us to walk between the worlds discovering wisdom and charging our physical, mental and spiritual bodies with formless energies that ignite and enhance our lives.  We will hear stories about King Arthur and Merlin, the Holy Grail, St. Brigid — as well as tales of Templars, elves, faeries, and pixies and all things supernatural.  And yet…will we discover that all we deem to be paranormal is simply very natural to those who understand how to harness the geo-magnetic life force of the mysterious lands of Scotland?

Featuring Speakers Patricia Awyan, Suzan Moore, and Alex Mott as well as our hostess, Jane Wardlaw & Hearth Mother Tours

Join us on our quest in this Land of Enchantment, following ancient paths of empowerment, exploring and experiencing the magnetic anomalies and magic found in Scotland’s unique world of Ancient Castles, Magnificent Architecture, Faery Glens, Stone Circles and Magic Mountains, and much much more…Patricia will speak about how ancient symbolism, mythologies, and structures worldwide confirm that  ancient civilizations had a vast knowledge about the nature of our reality and the alchemy of how our conscious awareness rises and falls throughout eternal cycling through stages and ages. There is evidence to show that they easily navigated the earth’s geo-magnetic ley lines and were able to harness the electro-magnetic oscillating ‘spins’ from above and below to create magical fields of energy for multi-purpose uses.  

Suzan will offer us an enhanced understanding of how the landscape and geological formations can combine to create the magnetic anomalies we’ll encounter, as well as speaking to the cyclic nature of the universe and how it is expressed in the geological layers of our earth.

She will talk about quartz.  When quartz is stressed through geo-magnetic events, it is said to have the ability to bend time. Suzan will address these questions and the possibility that the large quantities of quartz found at sacred sites throughout Scotland can help to create electro-magnetic ‘zero-point’ fields.

Alex will be leading our exploration of the Vitrified Forts throughout our journey in Scotland, and address the architectural and technological methods used to build the megalithic monuments and structures we’ll be visiting.

Sunday, July 30th – Day 1   Arrival, Glasgow Cathedral, Healing Well and Welcome Dinner

We will begin early in the day (picking up all morning arrivals at the airport at 10 AM) for our exploration of this beautiful city.  Accommodation can be arranged for those who wish to arrive On Saturday.  

Our tour will begin and end in the powerful city of Glasgow, home to art, culture, fun and laughter and the centre of business for the world in centuries past.  Discover the ancient secrets hidden in her crest, and learn of the legends of Merlin as we uncover some of the “hidden mysteries” of the city. 

We will visit the ancient Glasgow Cathedral, the most complete medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland and stop to set our intentions, hopes and wishes for the journey (and more) at one of the many Healing Wells in the area.  It is the healing and wisdom of the Otherworld that has been sought by petitioners of these sacred wells throughout time.  Most often the water flowing into these wells comes from natural springs and can be associated as the nourishing ‘milk’ from Mother Earth’s breast. They have also been viewed as channels leading to the womb of the mother herself, offering the magic of its powerful fertility.

Later in the day we will check into our hotel, a short drive from the city centre on the banks of the Clyde River, and enjoy our first dinner together in Scotland.   Overnight Glasglow (D)

Monday, July 31st – Day 2   Loch Lomond

We will spend our second day basking in the heart centred, soul aligned energy of Loch Lomond, known to be a double portal and the dwelling place of many Druids in times gone by. Magic happens in the energy of the conservation village of Luss nestled right on the banks of Loch Lomond.  We will return to our hotel for dinner and enjoy a free evening. Overnight Glasglow. (B,D)

Tuesday, August 1st – Day 3   Kilwinning Abbey and  Rosslyn Chapel  

After breakfast we will take a short drive to touch some of the history of the Knights Templar in Scotland as we visit the Kilwinning Abbey where they were thought to have first gone after arriving in Scotland from France.  This ruin still holds a very powerful energy, that will allow you to begin to experience the depth of the “story of Scotland”. 

There has been much speculation that the lost treasure of the Templars and/or the Holy Grail lie hidden on the grounds of Kilwinning AbbeySome are convinced that there is a tunnel leading from Kilwinning Abbey to Eglinton Castle where these sought-after treasures may be concealed.

We will then travel onward, following the footsteps of the Templar Knights to another renowned site that is also believed to house their treasures:  Rosslyn Chapel.

‘When I decided to write The Da Vinci Code, I knew that its finale would have to take place at the most mysterious and magical chapel on earth — Rosslyn.’   Dan Brown

The chapel is still owned by descendants of its founder, Sir William St. Clair, but guided by a trust that oversees the site.  Secret codes, symbols and messages within the magnificent structure and iconography that decorates its walls and pillars are said to relate to the masons, pagans, early Christianity and the Knights Templar.

Many believe that an enormously powerful ley line runs through Rosslyn and that its presence has led to the construction of many different sacred sites here through the millennia. Picts, Druids and Romans all venerated this site that Sir William Sinclair chose to build on in 1446, most likely to harnesses the magic and power of the electro-magnetic currents.

 Our visit will allow us plenty of time to sit quietly and connect to the powerful energies of this impressive building.  Open your heart to the powerful Mary Magdalene energy, embodied in the geomagnetic current or life force that runs through this site.   A member of the Scottish Rite Knights Templar will join us to share some little-known secrets and assist us in coming to a deeper understanding of the true purpose for which Rosslyn was built over 600 years ago. Overnight Livingston (B,D)

Wednesday, August 2nd –  Day 4   ‘Magnetic’ Vitrified Forts

 Today we will have the opportunity to visit one of the Vitrified Forts dotted throughout Scotland, Langwell, TorA’Chorcain , or a similar site enabling us to examine the evidence of what appears to be ‘melted rock’.  We will discuss the implications and significance of these areas in Scotland where we see this anomaly.  Are they evidence of an ancient Solar Plasma event caused by Sun Cycles (as Geologist, Dr. Robert Schoch has put forward in his book: Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future) or evidence of ancient advanced technology we’ve long forgotten?  If this was caused by a fierce Solar Flare, was the path of destruction that moved through these areas magnetically attracted to these forts and/or the locations themselves and why?  Did something similar happen in Egypt, and in other areas around the world?  We will speak about all of this…and more, that is related to the magnetic, and magical life force surging throughout the lands of Scotland. 

We will take the time to feel the geo-magnetic energy that still pulses in the ‘song lines’ here.

Overnight Livingston (B,D)

Thursday, August 3rd – Day 5 Fortingale Yew Tree and Schiehallion Mountain

How many generations have come and gone while the estimated 5,000 year old (or older) Fortingale Yew Tree has stood quietly standing in its majesty?  It is believed to be one of the oldest living things in Europe. In 1769 the circumference of the yew’s multiple trunks was measured at 52 ft., but this has vastly reduced over time and what remains are the relics and offshoots of the original tree. 

The Yew is said to be a Sacred Tree of Transformation and Rebirth and symbol of the divine feminine. Yews were often planted over springs or ‘crossing points’ to mark these powerful portals on the lands where ancient sacred structures were builtYews have been revered as portals themselves….between this world and other worlds where our ancestors dwell and dreams and visions are born. 

Next, we will hike gently into the powerful energy of the quartz crystal mountain Schiehallion, one of Scotland’s best kept secrets!  Here you will experience for yourself what drew many of the “higher initiates” to this location in the geographical centre of Scotland. 

 “I envy not the man who can climb Sciehallion without experiencing certain emotions of reverential awe, which raise the thoughts of the heart from earthly to heavenly things.” – Rev. John Sinclair

Viewed from Loch Rannoch, the pyramidal shape of the peak of Schiehallion radiates power and is richly draped in mystical and magical legends from antiquity until today.

Auspiciously positioned almost smack in the centre of the Scottish mainland, its name translates as the ‘Fairy Hill of the Caledonians’ and is often listed as one of the five most magical mountains on the planet. Overnight Perthshire (B,D)

Friday, August 4th – Day 6  The Trossachs, Kilmartin &  Isle of Mull

Sure to be a favorite spot for many, lies here in the secluded hills of Scotland’s Trossachs, down a “wee path” behind the churchyard where Scottish Legend Rob Roy is buried, is found a truly magical place full of Faery folk, and little peopleThe veil is thin here, allowing us a taste of other dimensions, and the creatures that reside there.  Hear the story of the Reverend who communed with the Faeries so often that it is believed that when he passed, he went to join them in this beautiful glen.  

We will then travel to Kilmartin, known as The Valley of The Ghosts, a 3,000 year old ceremonial crowning and burial area of Pictish Kings and their peoples and home of many Templar graves. We can enter one of the ancient burial cairns and experience the magical breath of the many standing stones found in this area.

Our day will conclude with a Ferry ride to the Isle of Mull where we will enjoy our meal before retiring for the evening. Overnight Isle of Mull (B,D)

Saturday, August 5th – Day 7   Isles of Mull and Iona

The Isle of Mull, thought to have been inhabited since the last Ice Age, is home to the great Scottish Sea Eagles, so keep on the watch, as we travel along the narrow winding road through stunning scenery, and then over to the sacred Isle of Iona where we will connect with the gentle, yet powerful feminine energy.

Known as the “cradle of Christianity,” the Isle of Iona is speckled with sites of interest, including a medieval abbey, nunnery and the legendary burial-grounds of 48 Scottish kings. It was here that St. Columba, an Irish priest and prince, founded his monastery in AD 563, which played a central role in spreading Christianity. The Book of Kells is said to have originated here and there are legends that Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene left their imprint on this magical Isle.  Overnight Isle of Mull (B,D)

 Sunday, August 6th – Day 8   Erqhardt Castle  and Inverness

We will return by Ferry to the “main island” of Scotland and begin our journey northwards.  Our stop at the Erqhardt Castle on the banks of Loch Ness will give all of us easy access to visit another Vitrified Fort location.  We will be sure to take our time here and fully explore the ruins of this once magnificent castle. 

Maybe someone will even spot “Nessie” the famed Loch Ness Monster!?  Our journey will end in Inverness where we will check into our hotel for 2 nights. Overnight Inverness (B,D)

Monday, August 7th – Day 9   Tap O’Noth Vitrified Fort or Clava Cairns &        Pluscardin Abbey

We will be offered two choices to start our day:

You can choose to take the arduous climb up to Tap O’Noth Vitrified Fort to examine more evidence of the ‘melted stone’ phenomena.


You can visit Clava Cairns….one of Jane’s favourite Stone Circles in Scotland. 

Then a short journey will bring us to Pluscardin Abbey, Scotland’s only working monastery, originally founded in the year 1230.  Pluscarden Abbey lies in the tranquil, sheltered valley of the Black Burn about six miles southwest of Elgin. Pluscarden’s story is one of abandonment after the Reformation in 1560, followed by restoration in the 20th Century.  The micro climate of this area allows vegetation to grow that is not found anywhere else in Scotland.  Is there another magical force that supports the enhanced fertility here?  A very special, soft gentle energy prevails in this area where we can enjoy a powerful meditation.  

This evening we’ll enjoy a Farewell Dinner for those that won’t be joining us on  the Orkney Island ExtensionOvernight Inverness (B,D)

Tuessday, August 8th – Day 10   Departure or  Dingwall Fort and Orkney Islands

For those wishing to end their trip here, we will arrange for transport back to Glasgow, and a night in the hotel at the airport and Breakfast will be included. 


Optional Orkney Island and Dunrobin Castle Extension

August 8th -13th, 2017

We’ll begin our extended adventure with two days exploring the majestic landscape of the mysterious Orkney Islands!

There are still places left on earth where magic is still an integral part of the breath of life in each day. The Orkney Isles, or the Orcades as they were once called, are said to be one of these mysterious places where a blanket of darkness covers the lands during the cold winters and people would gather around their fires to tell tales of times long ago.     

With standing stones, ancient ruins, burial mounds and spectacular scenery, the Orkney Islands display a mystical, almost dreamlike landscape…contrasted by the raging cold waters of the North Sea that surrounds them. It is no wonder that these islands have such a rich and colourful folklore.

We will explore areas with chambered tombs, burial mounds and experience the powerful magnetic anomalies of stone circles that may offer us a chance to glimpse beyond the veil and walk, if briefly, between worlds.

Tuesday through Thursday, August  8th – 10th (Days 10-12) Orkney Islands

For those continuing with us we will continue our journey north and stop at another fort near Dingwall. From here we will travel to the very northern tip of the main island of Scotland, to board our ferry across the Pentland Firth, to the Orkneys.  Throughout the crossing there is the opportunity to see a wide selection of local wildlife including seals, dolphins, killer whales, puffins and other sea birds.  We will stay 3 nights in Kirkwall, Orkney and will spend our time visiting the ancient megalithic sites of Skara Brae, Ring of Brogdar, the Standing Stones of Stennes and the Chambered Tomb Maes Howe.  We will take time at each of these sites to allow you to fully tune in and connect with these ancient energies.  The dating of these sites is subject to question and many believe they could be several thousand years old or as ancient as the pyramids of Egypt.

Tuesday, Aug 8th – Overnight Wick; Wednesday & Thursday Aug 9 & 10 – Overnight Kirkwall 

Friday, August 11th – Day 13  Dunrobin Castle, and Crystal, Mineral & Gem Shop

We will say farewell to the Orkneys and travel back across the water to the Northern Tip of Scotland to begin the journey south.  We will visit Dunrobin Castle, where we can enjoy the amazing gardens on the estate…. right on the waters of the Moray Firth

This is one of Britian oldest continuously lived in houses dating back to the 1300’s.  A stop at the Crystal, Mineral and Gem shop near Golspie is an absolute must! 

Overnight Dornoch (B,D)

Saturday, August 12th – Day 14   Farewell Dinner in Glasgow

As we journey the rest of the way south to Glasgow, we will stop for lunch at a spot that will afford people the opportunity to pick up any last-minute souvenirs or gifts that they haven’t found yet.  This will be a relaxing journey and will include a few special stops to make along the way.  Arriving in Glasgow in time to enjoy our Farewell Dinner together.

We will check into a hotel within the airport grounds so that you will be able to catch an early morning flight home with ease.  Breakfast will be included.  Overnight Glasgow (B,D)

This is but a sampling of what awaits you when you choose to join us!  Our itinerary is flexible to allow for the natural flow of energy created by the group’s interest and direction by spirit.  There will be surprises along the way and stops that we will make each day to special places, often known only to the locals, and untouched by the development of commerce. 

Sunday, August 13th Departure      

 Copyright © 2017  The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism, All rights reserved. 


Patricia Awyan

Khemit School Co- Director, Khemitologist, Speaker, Researcher, Explorer, Symbologist, Spiritual & Intuitive Life Counsellor and Artist

 From a very young age, Patricia knew that she would one day be “going home” to Egypt. Having been born with a “need to know”, she has spent much of her life on a personal quest for knowledge, wisdom and spiritual fulfilment. Patricia’s strong and vital connection to Nature and interest in the mystical and physical sciences propelled her into a lifelong study of the ancient mysteries.

She is a gifted Intuitive, clairaudient and clairvoyant. As a long time student in metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric subjects and traditions, Patricia’s eclectic spiritual background serves as a strong foundation to support to her work. She became of student of Khemitology after meeting world renowned, Khemitologist, Abd’el Hakim Awyan, on her first trip to Egypt in 2005.

Patricia devotes much of her time to the study and exploration of ancient mysteries, symbolism and mythologies worldwide. She has travelled to sites in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, France, Spain, Lebanon, Peru, Bolivia, India and all over America and Egypt, researching the clues that support the concept of a very advanced civilization, technologically and spiritually, that once spanned the globe possibly tens of thousands of years ago and left a legacy of knowledge and wisdom for us to decipher.

Patricia presents lectures that illustrate how the ancients  worldwide, left us a blueprint that maps out the truth of the beauty, perfection and infinite possibilities that exist within and outside every one of us.

Patricia will speak about the significance of the symbolism we’ll see throughout our journey, relating it to that of Egypt, India and other indigenous traditions worldwide. Did the ancient Egyptians visit or even migrate to Scotland?  Patricia will speak to this, as well as  has the two lands are connected by something that is far more powerful.

She will help to hold a space for and lead us on our meditations and offer guidance for your inner journeys on this pilgrimage. 


Suzan Moore


  Born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan Canada, Suzan developed a keen interest in nature, rocks and stars at an early age. That passion later led her to pursue a Geology degree with a minor in Astronomy. Suzan has been working as a Geologist in Canada for over 40 years. She originally worked in both mining and regional mapping of granites and metamorphic rocks in northern Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. She has been working for many years as a Sedimentological Specialist in the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary Alberta, specializing in the Jurassic of North-Western America.

She has always had an interest in Ancient Egypt and, since her first visit, returns regularly. After a trip to Peru in 2013 she developed a passion for understanding megalithic structures and the rocks they are carved from which led her to explore their implications in Egypt as well. She is currently trying to incorporate how weathering, time and source of the rocks affect the construction and preservation of many of the megalithic structures.

Suzan offers a unique and fresh perspective on the description, consistency and use of the various types of rocks and materials used in the ancient structures here. She has been working with the Khemit School team for several years and joined them on journeys in Egypt, India, Peru and Bolivia.     


Alex Mott

Filmmaker, Published writer, produced scriptwriter, Voice-over artist, Multi-instrumentalist (drums/piano/tabla) and Composer.

Alex began playing drums at the age of 10, and his relationship with music quickly became a major theme  throughout his life. After graduating in 1996 with a Masters degree in Engineering and Management, Alex became a Music Teacher.

He has travelled to ancient megalith sites all around the world in search of the truth of our collective heritage.  His focus lies in the study of the advanced technologies of the ancients.

With the assistance of Trash Arts Productions he has produced and starred in several documentaries about his research and discoveries, including the Award winning: Rethinking Egypt documentary that he filmed while travelling with the Khemit School team in 2015. Alex also travelled with the Khemit team to Peru and Bolivia, and to India with Suzan Moore and Patricia. His documentaries also include: Rethinking Peru and Rethinking India.

Alex will be leading our exploration of the Vitrified Forts throughout our journey in Scotland, as well as speaking to the architectural and technological methods used to build the megalithic monuments and structures we’ll be visiting.

He has been researching magnetic anomalies found at other sites and has implemented his own experiments to test the effect of magnetism on seed growth.


About your Host and Guide:

 Jane Wardlaw

 Owner/ Operator of Hearth Mother Tours

I have been organizing unique Spiritual Adventures since 2004.  Born and raised in Canada I first came to Scotland in 2003 and knew immediately upon setting foot on her soil that I was deeply connected to this land. I was able to trace my family roots, and visit the burial sites of my ancestors, one of whom was a Knight Templar!  I now have the privilege of living in Scotland and I want to show you the land that I have come to know and love. I will take you to visit some of my favourite spots in this magical country, and give you the opportunity to taste some of the special foods that are offered here…. who knows maybe the fairies and other “little people” will allow us a glimpse of their world! I believe that everyone who comes to visit sacred sites does so because Mother Earth is calling them to her, each bringing her a piece of the mosaic of love and compassion she needs to return to her former brilliant light.  Therefore, to each person who commits to such a journey, I undertake to provide them with the utmost care and respect I can offer at every step along the way.  I love to share the energies of these sites with people that are also deeply connected to our planet. 


Total Package Price:   

Price per person based on double occupancy – 2 people sharing a room:   

10 day MAIN TOUR  (July 30 – August 9)  $5,250.00 USD   

Orkney Island 4-day Extension:  (August 9 – 13) $1,750.00 USD per person in a double room

Single Supplement: will apply if you require sole occupancy for an additional fee of $600.00 US for the 10-day tour or $840.00 for the 14-day tour.

If you would like us to match you up with a roommate we will make every effort to do so, however, if we are unable to find a suitable match, then you will need to pay the extra for single supplement.  

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  • All ground transportation including to and from Glasgow airport
  • All site entry fees
  • All Gratuities
  • All guest speaker’s fees

Does not include:  

  • Airfare to and from Glasgow, Scotland
  • Meals not mentioned above
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  • Travel Insurance
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  • Personal Expenses such as Internet access, Phone calls, Laundry service, gifts etc.


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Note when booking your flights:  Please be prepared to meet the group by 10:00 am on Sunday July 30, if your flight arrives the night before there will be a group booking arranged at a hotel by the airport, however, this is your own expense. You will spend your final night of the tour at a hotel by the airport, so that you can book a flight on the morning of the 9th or 13th of July at whatever time you wish.

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Cancellation after June 1, 2016 – including no shows – no refunds available

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This itinerary is subject to changes in sequence in order to adapt to possible alterations in domestic flight times or other unforeseen circumstances. The content will basically remain the same, barring any unanticipated complications, and will include many delightful “extras” and surprises.


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