Seshat measures Time and Space by Patricia Awyan

The Netert, Seshat seen in these photographs that I have taken at the Seti I temple in Abydos, synbolizes sacred geometry, mathematics and the understanding of the energetic architecture and patterning of the structural form that flows in nature.
She wears the leopard skin that you find only worn by the high priests during dynastic times- which was meant to show their level of achievement, wisdom, knowledge and power.
Some would like to claim that she wears the leaf of the marijuana plant as her crown…but, I disagree. This is the ‘flow-ering of form’ within the container of the bow. This bow also takes the form of the antlers or horns (see the third image)….that are giving birth to the physical form from above….from the stars of the primordial waters. Everything ‘alive’ flows in these same natural patterns–above and below.
In the second picture you see her inkwell, known as the scribe’s inkwell. Notice that the fine detail on this inkwell shows Shen symbols that represent the infinite nature of her function. She is a ‘time keeper’ in a physical reality that consists of vibrating, breathing waveform. We measure time from our observance of the cycling sun and stars.
For time and space can only be measured when we are pulsing with electro-magnetic life-force….which is the heartbeat of all that breaths in a physical universe. Tic Tock.